Ring Engraving…

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Did you know that you can engrave a short message on the inside of your wedding band? (Provided that the band is not too thin…) Here’s a look at how it’s done. The machine takes different font plates, the two most popular being block and script.   The ring, in this case a men’s wedding… Read more »

The Importance of Looking At Diamonds In Person…

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When shopping for a diamond, there are several important factors to keep in mind… is it GIA certified? What’s the cut grade… is the diamond cut too deep? The color/clarity? All these things are important, but just glancing at the certificate online is not enough. For example, two diamonds with the same clarity grade can… Read more »

How To Size A Ring…

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Having a ring sized is something most people do at least once in their lifetime. Losing or gaining weight, pregnancy, arthritis, finger or knuckle injuries are all factors that can cause one’s finger size to change. Ever wondered how ring sizings are done? Keep on reading… First things first, it’s important to know that not… Read more »

Making a Ring Using Wax Molds

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There are several methods we use when making a ring. We’ve discussed handmade rings as well using computer-aided design (CAD) in previous blog posts. Another method we frequently use is casting a ring from a mold. This method is useful when replicating an existing piece of jewelry. For example, in this case we wanted to… Read more »

An Unusual Gem… And A Custom Ring!

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One of our customers asked us to find her a green gemstone that would be strong enough to withstand daily wear… but something a bit different than the traditional emerald. We found a beautiful, and unusually colored, olive green sapphire. We also made a custom 18 karat yellow gold ring to set it in.  … Read more »

Engraving Initials on a Pearl Clasp…

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Here’s a short video of some engraving we did in the clasp of a pearl bracelet. The customer wanted her first initial engraved on the clasp. The clasp is set in shellac to hold it in place while we engrave it. Engraving Initials on a Pearl Bracelet from Protea Diamonds on Vimeo. Before & after… Read more »