Making a Ring Using Wax Molds

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There are several methods we use when making a ring. We’ve discussed handmade rings as well using computer-aided design (CAD) in previous blog posts. Another method we frequently use is casting a ring from a mold. This method is useful when replicating an existing piece of jewelry. For example, in this case we wanted to… Read more »

An Unusual Gem… And A Custom Ring!

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One of our customers asked us to find her a green gemstone that would be strong enough to withstand daily wear… but something a bit different than the traditional emerald. We found a beautiful, and unusually colored, olive green sapphire. We also made a custom 18 karat yellow gold ring to set it in.  … Read more »

Using gemstones to create unique pieces of jewelry…

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Gemstones are a great choice for creating personalized, unique pieces of jewelry. They exist in almost every color imaginable, which means there is something for everyone. Birthstone gems are also a great gift idea, especially for baby gifts. You can read more about different types of gemstones and their characteristics on our Gemstones page. Not… Read more »