Aug 10, 2016

Diamond letter pendants are a nice personalized piece of jewelry and can make for a great gift. Just choose the first initial of the recipient’s name… encrusted with diamonds and hanging on a nice chain. What’s not to like?

We recently made one in our workshop. Here is the process!


We start with a round piece of gold onto which we will trace out the shape of the letter. For this piece, the letter is “K”.



Next, the letter is marked on tracing paper and placed on top of the piece of gold.



The paper is glued onto the metal and stuck in shellac so it will stay in place while the jeweler works on it.



We then use a graver to carve the initial into the gold.



The next step is to make the holes where the diamonds will be set.



Once the holes have been made, we cut the final shape out of the original piece of metal. Now, its time to set the diamonds.



Stones are being set into the pendant.



The diamonds have been set and the pendant has been cleaned and polished. Now, all it needs is to be put onto a gold chain.



The finished product!