Nov 17, 2015

We start out with small bezels, chain, diamonds, and a clasp.

The bezels are attached to pieces of gold chain in an evenly spaced pattern.

Once the bezels have been attached to the chain, it’s time to set the diamonds. The necklace is placed on shellac to hold it in place while the diamonds are set.


Diamonds are being set!


The diamonds have been set, and the necklaces are completed! We have these available in 14 karat yellow, rose and white gold.



Oct 19, 2015

We had a client recently who came in for an engagement ring knowing exactly what he wanted. He looked through our vast selection of rings, but ultimately decided to go the custom route. We had this ring hand-made for him in platinum. Hand-made pieces can be a bit more expensive than a ring made from a casting, but the quality is higher and the workmanship is finer.

In these photos, you can see the process of handmaking this engagement ring from start to finish.


The jeweler starts out by melting the platinum in a crucible.


It is then poured out, and left to cool off and harden.


You can see it here, cooled and hardened into a block of platinum.



Out of that block of platinum, the jeweler hand-carves it into a ring. The halo head, which will eventually hold the center diamond, is made as a separate piece.


Here you can see the head being soldered to the shank of the ring.


The ring is now one piece, and it is ready to be set with the center diamond and pavé accents.


…and, the finished ring!

Sep 10, 2015

In these photos, you can see all the stages of making a pavé wedding band.


From a glob of metal, in this case 18 karat white gold, the ring is formed and ready to be cut to the right size.



The ring is being sawed at the correct size point so it can be soldered together into one continuous piece.



The ring is being heated and the two ends soldered together.



It is now one piece.



Here the ring is being sanded and shaped.



Once it has been sanded and shaped, it is checked to make sure that the millimeter width is correct.



The inside of the ring is being marked with an “18K” stamp.



The ring is ready to be set with diamonds, so its time to measure the stones.



Little holes are carved into the band where the diamonds will eventually be set.



The holes are all carved out, and it’s time for the last step: set the diamonds!


Ta-da! The ring is sparkly and ready to be worn!

Jun 4, 2015

We made this custom platinum mens wedding band for one of our clients this spring. From the top it looks like a classic mens wedding band, but from the side it has a sleek and modern look with channel-set accent diamonds along the sides of the ring.

The band being made at the jewelers. The setter is channel-setting the diamonds into the side of the ring.


The ring is completed and all diamonds are set.

The finished product: a sleek mens band with a hint of diamonds on the side.